Build Your Own: Beer Caddy - Traditional

Build Your Own: Beer Caddy - Traditional


Have an aspiring Ron Swanson in your life? Give the gift of accomplishment with our Build Your Own: Beer Caddy kits!

What makes our product different?

We get it, there’s cheaper options all over the place. And while their price-point is attractive, their quality is far from it.

Our caddies are made in our family-owned woodshop in Wisconsin. We use sturdy baltic birch ply and a design that has been engineered (many times) with joinery that offers strength and durability that will keep the caddy carrying your favorite beverages for more than a holiday season.

Our caddies have an interior of 5-1/4” x 8” to allow for the best chance of fitting the varying sizes of bottles and cans. Our design makes the process of building an easy step-by-step with little room for error - perfect for any level of DIY.

What comes in this kit?

• Traditional Design Wood Components

• Wooden Dowel Handle

• Pack of Finishing Nails

• 150 + 220 Grit Sandpaper

What is not included?

• Hammer

• Wood Glue

• Favorite Beverages

We are limited to the state of Wisconsin for the sale of all artwork & furniture products. All of our items are available for free, local pickup at our facilities in the Racine or Milwaukee area.

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