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Interior Design & Renovations

You work hard to create an environment for your home or work space that is as unique as you are. We value that commitment, which is why we offer interior design and renovation services. Our team of professionals from our local sister company Retail Fixture LLC work with us to develop plans to recreate your space to your vision. We take on a small amount of projects at a time to guarantee our customers get the attention they deserve on their individual projects.


Custom Commissions

Our custom commission process starts with an email from you telling us about your vision for your piece. We will ask a few questions about material preferences, budget limitations and overall design inspiration. Then we will send you a digital artistic rendering of your piece to closely reflect our intentions for your final piece.

After you sign off on the design and price, we start our build process, and send samples of color options depending on the project's requirements. Co-founder and carpenter Andi Woodward will keep you updated through the entire process to make sure all of your needs are met until the day we ship or you pick up your piece.


Vintage Warehouse

As our customer, you have access to our wide variety of reclaimed items and materials - including our cold-storage collection of antique windows and doors.


Wholesale Products

Whether you're interested in purchasing one of our products via wholesale or you have an idea for your own - we have the tools to get the job done. And if we don't, we'll do our best to get you in contact with a vendor who can.