July? July!

Hey folks!

It's easy to forget how busy the summer gets after the 6+ months of hibernation of our social and outdoor lives through the winter. Things have been busy around the shop! I completed my project commissioned by the Milwaukee Bucks for their new stadium. Built a custom headboard and bed frame for my badass friends and couple, where I got to brush the dust off my electrical skills by replacing a light fixture in their guest bedroom. For anyone out there who is a little weary to do electrical projects by themselves - myself included - here is a link to a handy tool from Klein Tools that I like to have in my work bucket on job sites.


For about four weeks I've actually been working on a project through our main shop for Case - the big tractor company based in Racine, WI - where I was able to design, build and install fixtures for their new in-house retail store. This was my first experience working with a customer and designing fixtures on a commercial scale, so I'm 110% stoked about the success of this project. I can't show any photos (yet!) but as soon as the shop is open you bet I'll be posting plenty!


Here are some photos I can post - thanks to the lovely and talented Kelly Peloza of Kelly Peloza Photography!! Earlier this year she commissioned this dining room table from me, which continues to be one of my most favorite pieces I've ever made! We worked on a custom color palette together and I am so grateful for her trust and support!

That's all I've got for now! I'm currently working on building out a kitchen for a rental that my Dad bought, learning SketchUp to design and build a kitchen for some friends, and doing some throwback logos for our main shop to celebrate our 25th year! 


I hope you're all keeping up with and enjoying the summer hustle.

- Andi

Andi Woodward